Comprehensive Analytics

Insights to Improve Outcomes. For All Students.

Elevate K-12 Analytics is the analytic application that combines data from key district data sources and provides access to highly interactive visualizations of integrated data so educators can measure, manage, and improve student outcomes.

Uncover student needs.

Provide educators with access to comprehensive, integrated data, so they fully understand what is affecting the success of their students.

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The dashboards, scorecards and watchlists provide insights into student performance that otherwise would take much longer to realize or run the risk of going unnoticed.

—Jonathan Hulbert

Director of Accountability and School Transformation, East Central Independent School District, San Antonio, TX

Increase the value and power of your district data.

Data You Need, In One Place

Elevate K-12 Analytics seamlessly combines key data from disparate sources and systems—like SIS, assessments, behavioral, LMS, attendance, and more—for flexible, rich, real-time analysis. No more siloed data.

Instant Insights

Hundreds of pre-defined metrics, teacher-ready reports, and outcome-based visualizations delivered out of the box that can be customized for classroom needs, so educators start using them on day one.

Dashboards Anyone Can Use

Give administrators and teachers the information they need to make a difference and drive student success. Elevate dashboards, charts, and visuals are easy to explore, filter, and drill into, so educators of all skill levels can see, analyze, and understand data.

Comprehensive, Multi-year Analytics

Longitudinal analysis is critical and requires integrated, historical data that can be explored by educators and data analysts alike. Elevate K-12 Analytics supports multi-year analytics without the investment required to build and maintain a custom data warehouse.

Built to Industry Standards

Integrated with the Ed-Fi® data standard and technology to ensure cost-effective, sustained interoperability between district source systems and data sources at scale.

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Put the right information in the hands of educators at the right time.

Data-driven instruction depends on comprehensive, useful data. To answer the most impactful questions, teachers need access to a complete picture of their students. With Elevate K-12 Analytics, staff get the information they really need, when they need it (in a user-friendly format).

Student scorecards with all data on one screen

Automated watchlists and early warning reports

Customizable district accountability dashboards

Assessment Data

Enrich and analyze assessment results.

Elevate K-12 Analytics easily brings together formative, benchmark, and summative assessment scores from Mastery Connect and other sources with a wide range of other critical data from across the district, such as grades, attendance, ELL and special education enrollment, and disciplinary history.

Correlate state test scores to district assessments

Identify subgroups for monitoring and intervention

Spot trends in your classroom or the district

Monitor programs and quantify impact on outcomes

Track progress and growth from year-to-year

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More to love about Elevate K-12 Analytics:

Information at Your Fingertips

A secure browser-based interface allows users to easily access the data they need. Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Insights at Every Level

Data views at the district, school, classroom, and student level provide leaders a line of sight into key metrics while giving teachers the data they need to support each of their students.

No Programming Skills Required

Rich and flexible analytics that make it easy for users to customize, personalize, and share reports and visuals based on their own classroom needs.

Actionable Data

Say goodbye to stale reports and siloed information. Elevate K-12 Analytics provides access to up-to-date data so educators can quickly identify programs and students that need attention, as soon as they need it.

Role-Based Security

Roles can be automatically synchronized with district staff positions to ensure PII is always maintained as district staff changes.

Ready to unlock the power of your data?