Streamlined edtech adoption. Higher impact.

Impact by Instructure helps school districts deepen edtech adoption by helping administrators get specific about how tech is being used, so they can deliver better support to teachers, students, and families.

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I was really excited about the opportunity to insert messages at the place where people need help—that in the right place, at the right time.

—Linda Woods

Instructional Designer, San Diego State University

Make navigating technology a breeze.

Insight into Canvas + Mastery Connect Use

Insightful dashboards and dynamic reporting provide administrators with a bird's-eye view of how deeply students and teachers are engaging with tech tools. See exactly which features are being adopted and who needs additional support.

Deliver Support Right When They Need It

Save your teachers, students, and families time and energy, so they can invest it where it counts. With help articles, tips, and explanations available where and when they need them, they won’t be frustrated searching for the right support resources.

Build Capacity and Remove Barriers

Impact delivers in-app messages and tips, which means more time and focus dedicated to teaching and learning and less on navigating the technology. Onboarding new teachers and welcoming new students to your school has never been easier.

Create a Culture of Self-Help

No matter their location, time of day, or night, Impact connects users of all levels to a higher level of support through the self-help support tab available 24/7, so they never feel stranded or overwhelmed.

Instructure Product Desktop Impact K12 Analytics Dashboard

Adoption Insights

Measure the impact of edtech

School districts put a lot of effort into onboarding, training, communication, and support, but are often challenged to measure their effect on technology usage. Impact provides insightful dashboards and dynamic reporting that shows exactly which features are and aren't being adopted and by whom, so administrators can provide targeted outreach and resources.


Targeted Communication

Drive action with in-app messaging

Increasing technology adoption starts with making users aware of the tools available to them and how these tools can help improve teaching and learning. Reach students and teachers through targeted in-line messaging to communicate and guide them through tasks.




Instructure Product Desktop Impact K12 In App Messaging
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Live Support

Simplify support for your users

When teachers and students need support, they need answers in context, as soon as questions arise. Provide out-of-the-box self-help content and easy access to support channels, empowering students and educators to focus more on teaching and learning.

Lower support costs

Reduced time to resolution

Increased user satisfaction

We use [Impact] proactively to connect our users (students, faculty, and staff) with the support materials and increase their use of the tools.

—Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Director of Academic Technology, Community College System of New Hampshire


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