We Believe in Accessibility for All

We don’t just believe it. We work hard to achieve it. In fact, we see web accessibility the same way we see education: Everyone deserves equitable access. We know that, just like learners, web users have a wide range of needs and abilities. So we do everything we can to ensure everyone can experience and interact with our website and products in the ways that work best for them.

Everyone’s Invited to This Party

Okay, it’s less of a party and more of a promise we’ve made to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together. We do mean everyone.

Because education is for everyone.

Our products are made to support education for everyone, regardless of their individual abilities. Wherever and however they learn best. So we test each product regularly. Update them all frequently. And welcome feedback at every turn. We’re committed to:

Regular internal testing and third-party evaluation

Delivering instructional design and online learning based on best practices

Apps that enable flexible access from anywhere

accessible keyboard

Our people are passionate about accessibility.

Many of our employees are former educators, with hands-on experience helping learners with their accessibility needs. Others are simply passionate advocates for our customers and always trying to learn more. Hear first-hand what our employees are doing to reinforce our commitment to accessibility.

We believe in creating access by design, so together we build tools that help everyone to learn together at their own pace

Our employees have their own range of unique abilities and needs, and understand accessibility challenges personally

Click on the link below to read their writings on the importance of accessibility, and how Instructure supports it every day

instructure employee

Our customers are showing us how it’s done.

Learn how North Carolina’s schools for the deaf and blind use the Canvas LMS to empower students every day. Hear from both teachers and learners how equitable access to education is changing lives.

Learn how technology can equalize opportunity

Promote independence and self-learning

See what students can achieve with the right tools