Who Is Instructure?

Instructure is an education technology company that makes software that makes people smarter. Specifically, we make Canvas, the learning platform that makes teaching and learning easier, and Bridge, the employee development solution for people-focused companies.

Instructure began with a clunky Geo Metro and a big goal of making continuous learning a core part of people’s lives. Here’s how it all played out:

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Lots of companies have “values.” But ours are different. Because we actually live by them. People actually mention them in work conversations. They inform the way we treat our co-workers and customers. They guide how we build our products. And in a certain order, they happen to form an acrostic that spells... “COOTIES.” No one knows why. Cooties aren’t relevant to anything we do here. But hey, it does make them easy to remember.



We trust each other to do our jobs and do them well. We trust our customers to tell us if we’re doing something stupid. And our customers trust us to make products that make their lives easier (and to back them up with stellar support).



Achieving excellence isn’t easy. But it is simple. Instructure drives the leading edge of innovation in our technology, support, and business operations. We do this by hiring smart, creative, and passionate people, and by listening to what our users have to say.



Canvas and Bridge are designed to make teaching, learning, and employee development easier. We try to reflect that in everything we do—from designing products to simply communicating. Keep it simple and easy to understand.



We treat Instructure like we have a vested interest in it. Because we do. Everyone’s an owner.



Simply put, we say what we’re going to do, and then we do it.



Instructure is built on openness—it’s in our DNA. Open doors. Open office. Open source. Open to new ideas. (Note: We do know the difference between “open” and “TMI.”)


Customer Experience

We aspire to create an awesome customer experience in every interaction with our products and people.