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Make Learning Engaging, Inspiring, & Lifelong

Too many learning experiences, both in school and work, are one-way, one size fits all, or once in a while. We can help you make learning and growth a real-life (and lifelong) thing for everyone.

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Build the Digital Learning Ecosystem That’s Right for Your School

The Canvas Learning Management Platform comes complete with everything you need to hit the ground running teaching and learning. But here’s the cool thing: As your staff and students use Canvas (and they will), you can adapt it to meet their unique needs, thanks to the platform’s open software, countless integrations, and scalable, flexible framework.

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Give Your Employees What They Really Need to Succeed

It’s no secret, and it’s not rocket science: Happy, successful employees drive successful businesses. Bridge combines learning, feedback, engagement insight, and career development in one seamless platform, giving every employee the resources they need to make an impact and achieve their career goals.

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MasteryConnect has joined the Instructure family

Instructure is thrilled to welcome MasteryConnect to help us transform assessment and curriculum planning. 

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Portfolium has joined the Instructure family

Instructure is thrilled to welcome Portfolium as we aim to help people grow throughout their education and careers.

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London, 20 November 2019

BridgeCon offers a one of a kind experience that focuses on employee development, and training. Register today to experience BridgeCon Europe 2019.

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