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CanvasCon Online Keynotes & Agenda!

October 15 at 10 a.m. | 3 Global Timezones

The agenda is live, and it's full of tips, tricks, and takeaways to support and inspire you during these strange times. And to kick things off: LeVar Burton and Sal Khan! Start marking your must-attend sessions.


We See You, Teachers

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Customer Stories

Grimsby Institute & Canvas: Inspiring Lives Through Technology

Grimsby Institute is home to around 25,000 students pursuing higher education opportunities through apprenticeships, community provision, business training, work-based training, and commercial activities.

The teachers at Grimsby use Canvas to enhance and extend teaching, learning, and assessment across their various learning centres. They believe all students should have access to an engaging, fun, and exciting learning experience.

Customer Stories

Why Organisations Use Bridge

The Bridge Employee Development Platform is an integrated and personalised solution for companies that make people the center of their business. It integrates an industry-leading LMS with innovative performance management tools (including performance reviews and 1:1s) and powerful engagement surveying software into a modern, easy-to-use experience for admins, managers and employees. But don't just take our word for it: Hear from our customers why they have chosen Bridge to develop their employees, build effective managers and drive business outcomes.

A Few of the Many Ways You Can Improve Teaching, Learning, and Working with a Learning Management Platform

Higher Education

Institutional Success

Teachers, students, and institutions have all shared how Canvas has become central to the education experience. What's also become clear is that Canvas has evolved into much more than just an LMS. It's become your learning platform for education. Learn more.

Improved Learning

Canvas improves teaching and learning, mobility, communication, and analytics for an all-around better educational experience. Learn more.

The Learning Management Platform that Gets Used

Canvas is the world’s preferred learning platform, designed to make teaching and learning more effective and enable great faculty to teach the way modern students want to learn. Canvas is adaptable. Reliable. Customisable. Easy to use. Mobile. Time-saving. And, perhaps most importantly, it gets used. Learn more.


Student Engagement

With Canvas, teachers can engage students in an active, modern learning experience that impacts their achievement. Learn more

Personalised Learning

Canvas gives teachers the tools to differentiate instruction for every student in an effective and scalable way. Learn more

Equitable Access

Canvas helps districts find their highest-performing classrooms and scale their curriculums and strategies to other classrooms and schools. Learn more


Employee Development

Bridge helps you develop your people in a way that aligns with their core drivers and supports their career goals. Learn more.

Performance Management

Bridge tracks one-on-one conversations, helps individuals align their goals to company goals, and provides tools for skill assessment. Learn more.

Employee Engagement

Bridge lets you analyze employee sentiment, measure engagement, and give your people a voice in your company culture. Learn more.

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