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According to Instructure’s 2023 Study on the State of Student Success and Engagement in Higher Education:

Skills-Based Opportunities

70% of UK students in higher education are now considering skills-based learning opportunities in addition to their degree. Career Advancement: Career advancement (60%) and the desire to learn new skills (57%) are most likely to influence students to pursue a skills-based learning opportunity.


UK students are considering skills-based learning opportunities such as apprenticeships (52%), certificates (47%) and micro-credentials and badges (14%)

Strict AI Guidelines

Nearly one-third of institutions (31%) have strict guidelines, 36% only provide light guidelines on use of generative AI, and 33% provide no guidelines.

Mental Health Counselling

Institutions currently offer in-person/virtual counselling (52%), campus well-being events (51%), and mental health hotlines (47%) to support mental health and well-being.

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Daniel Hill |  Regional VP for EMEA

Managing Director - EMEA

Daniel Hill

Daniel supports our team and the commercial growth of Instructure in over 25 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Besides his vast knowledge on the business side of the VLE world, he brings valuable input regarding edtech trends, challenges and opportunities in the UK, Ireland, and the rest of the EMEA region.


VP of International Strategy

Sidharth Oberoi

Sidharth oversees the product strategy and vision for Canvas and all of our products from an international perspective as well as our Online Programs strategy to identify the needs of our users as they transition their programs to online and hybrid modalities, including attracting new 'non-traditional' learners. You can ask him about edtech trends, micro-credentialing, and the evolution of data and analytics in education.

Sidharth Oberoi | VP of International Strategy
Melissa Loble | Chief Customer Experience Officer

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Melissa Loble

Melissa is at the forefront of our customers’ emerging challenges, needs, and innovations. She’s a champion for crucial customer-focused topics like data stewardship, privacy, analytics, standards, and learning innovation. She spent 25 years in educational technology, on both the institution and vendor side and is the chair of the board for 1EdTech, the world’s leading non-profit collaboration dedicated to fostering an open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem.


VP of Global Strategy

Ryan Lufkin

Ryan has over 20 years of strategy, marketing and product marketing experience in the tech and edtech fields. He advocates for the use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the teaching and learning experience. You can ask him all things related to education and AI and ChatGPT.

Ryan Lufkin | VP of Global Strategy