K-12 Assessment

After teachers deliver all that great instruction (with support from Canvas LMS), they need to identify what students know and have retained. The best way to do that? Assess students with the help of Mastery Connect.


Standards-Based Assessments

Deliver Assessments That Work for You and Your Students.

You know when and how assessment fits best in your instructional cycle. Whether it’s a quick quiz, an observation, or a district-wide benchmark, Mastery by Instructure supports the assessments that are the most effective and impactful for your teaching and learning.

Teacher-created assessments

Common formative assessments

Reliable, expertly-design assessments

Know What They Know

Get the Insights You Need for Measurable Improvement.

Mastery Connect makes sure you know what your students know, standard by standard. Deliver assessments. Get results. Address learning gaps early and often.

Mastery Connect has helped us look at standards, identify what our students know and don’t know, and adjust as necessary.

—Robert Lowery

Instructional Coach Team Lead, Epic Charter Schools, OK

teacher and student

The Power of Data

Understand and Actually Use All That Data.

Assessment data can fuel your instruction and interventions, but only if it’s actionable and you truly understand it. That’s where Mastery Connect comes in. It makes data usable by delivering instant, standards-based insights and displaying student mastery levels in an intuitive, visual way.

Design targeted interventions

Improve teaching practices

Collaborate with colleagues and PLCs

Discover the Instructure Learning Platform

The Instructure Learning Platform delivers what you need to enrich, support, and connect every aspect of teaching and learning.

Ready to master the power of assessment data?