Streamlined Edtech Adoption. Higher Impact.

Impact by Instructure helps organizations improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping instructors and learners seamlessly navigate new platforms.

We use [Impact] proactively to connect our users (students, faculty, and staff) with the support materials and increase their use of the tools.

Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Director of Academic Technology, Community College System of New Hampshire

Make Navigating New Technology a Breeze

Customized In-App Messaging

With personalized in-app messaging and dedicated channels, say goodbye to the days of struggling with new technology. Our platform ensures seamless communication between instructors and learners, removing obstacles to achieving success.

Usage Dashboards & Analytics

Insightful dashboards and dynamic reporting provide a bird’s eye view of how well learners and instructors engage with available edtech tools. When you pair Impact with your existing and future education technology suite, the return on your tech investment will be on brilliant display.

24/7 Support

In-context support empowers learners and instructors to focus more on their objectives and reaching their goals, rather than navigating and learning new technologies.


Drive Action with In-App Messaging

To optimize technology adoption within your organization, it's essential to ensure your learners are aware of available tools and their benefits. Targeted in-line messaging enables effective communication, guides learners through tasks, and empowers them to leverage technology for improved performance and productivity.






Measure Technology Impact

Institutions invest significant resources in training, communication, instructional design, and support, yet struggle to quantitatively assess their impact on technology usage. Impact's comprehensive dashboards and dynamic reporting offer valuable insights into learner and instructor engagement with available edtech tools, providing a holistic view of their effectiveness.

All three [messaging, support and reports] they go together, right? That’s the beauty. We need the support portal; we need the messaging portal, and we need the analytic tools to see how we are doing in that.

Lene Whitley-Putz

Dean of Online Learning, Foothill College



Support Your Users, Alleviate Your Help Desk

When instructors and learners have questions or need support, they seek answers in context to their actions and at the moment of need. Providing out-of-the-box self-help content and easy access to support channels empowers learners and instructors to focus more on their objectives and less on navigating technologies.

Lower Support Costs

Reduce time to resolution

Increased user satisfaction

What we are aiming to do now is a zero tier help desk, so that people could find what they need, when they need it.

Schelly Gardner

Manager in Academic and Research Engagement, Southern Cross University


A Complete Learning Ecosystem

These tools work together to enrich, support, and connect every aspect of your educational programs.

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Canvas LMS

Your ultimate SaaS learning hub. Foster growth, support diverse learning needs, and promote collaboration, whether in-person, blended, or fully online.

Canvas Studio

It’s the next-generation video learning tool that turns one‑way, passive video into inclusive, engaging, and productive discussions.

Canvas Catalog

A simple, elegant, modern online course catalog to showcase all of your organization’s offerings. Think of it as your own custom-branded storefront.

Canvas Credentials

Create skills-based credential systems that connect your learners to new opportunities through secure, portable, and shareable digital credentials.

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