Government Learning Reimagined

With Canvas, you can go beyond mere training delivery. Design and implement engaging and effective learning experiences tailored for government professionals through seamless course creation, robust analytics, and verifiable credentials.

With its user-friendly interface and deep integration into existing workflows, Canvas ensures a seamless transition, allowing your professionals to focus on what matters most – acquiring the expertise to drive your agency's mission forward with unparalleled excellence.


A Holistic Learning Ecosystem

From dynamic course delivery to adaptable credentialing, Canvas empowers learners to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Empower Learners, Anywhere

Streamline learning with Canvas LMS. Easily create, deliver, and track courses, fostering collaboration and maximizing learning outcomes on the world's #1 teaching and learning software.

Unified digital infrastructure for seamless operations

Consistent course delivery across platforms

Enhanced mobility and accessibility for all users


Innovate, Adapt, and Thrive

Unlock learner potential with Canvas' versatile skills-based education tools by providing an adaptive, flexible educational experience tailored to evolving job roles and industry demands.

Tailored learning pathways for individualized growth

Dynamic and responsive learning experience

Validate learning achievements from day one


Scalable Solutions for Growth

Grow your programs seamlessly with Canvas' scalable solutions, adapting to evolving needs and expanding programs. Canvas enables agencies to maintain quality while facilitating growth tailored to your mission.

Go beyond one-size-fits-all

Adaptable to your learners' unique requirements

Optimize resource allocation for cost-effectiveness and sustainability


Robust Analytics for Informed Decisions

Gain powerful analytics and reporting features. Track learner progress, identify training gaps, and assess the effectiveness of your programs. 

Interactive visualizations of integrated data

Recognize, validate, track, and share learning achievements

Enable informed decisions for improving training initiatives


A Complete Learning Ecosystem

Canvas tools work together to enrich, support, and connect every aspect of your educational programs.

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It all adds up to one learning ecosystem.

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system uptime

6 million+

concurrent users—without a hiccup

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best-in-class customer satisfaction score

One login. Hundreds of tools and apps.


Keep the face time going strong with Zoom meetings in any Canvas course, module, or calendar.


Invite the entire team to meetings, training sessions, or gatherings using the Webex Integration


Enhance engagement and collaboration with GoToMeeting sessions directly in Canvas.

Adobe Connect

Deliver standout virtual training, webinars, and meetings seamlessly within Canvas with Adobe Connect.

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One big happy family.

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