Instructure’s Company Story

Instructure was born in 2008 from the efforts of two college graduate students to transform the stagnant approach to learning management systems. They were frustrated by the cumbersome learning tools available to them which focused more on administrators than developing connections between students and teachers. That changed with Canvas. The Canvas Learning Management Platform continues to expand its impact on the education market and has become the most widely adopted LMS in North America, benefitting millions of students and teachers globally across 70 countries. 

But a new generation of students and employees is emerging who want to extend their potential, amplify their impact, and be lifelong learners. They are part of a new chapter in Instructure’s story that is being written by CEO Dan Goldsmith and the mission-minded employees who are passionate about lifelong learning. Instructure is growing into the employee development market by offering Bridge to corporations. Together, the Canvas and Bridge platforms by Instructure support the convergence of the academic and professional worlds enabling growth and development beyond graduation, into and throughout a career. 


Instructure got its “Inc.” and progressed from a big idea to a real-deal tech startup.


The legendary pre-Canvas product validation tour went metro (Geo Metro).


Josh Coates came out of techpreneur retirement to serve as Instructure’s CEO. Canvas became the statewide LMS for all Utah public schools, colleges, and universities.


Instructure formally launched Canvas, disrupting the LMS status quo for better and forever.


Canvas Network began offering open, online courses for everyone, everywhere.


Beyonce played the Super Bowl halftime show. (And Instructure moved its HQ to the Old Mill Corporate Center in SLC, UT.)


Instructure went international with offices in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong.


Instructure formally launched Bridge, the first people-focused employee development and engagement solution. Oh, and Instructure went public on the NYSE (INST).


Instructure launched Canvas Studio, a collaborative next-gen video-learning platform. Instructure also added Cinnamon Toast Crunch to its office cereal offerings.


Instructure launched Canvas AMS, acquired Practice (the peer-feedback-driven, video-based professional learning tool), and hit the $1 billion market cap.


Instructure turns 10, opened markets in LATAM


Welcomed Dan Goldsmith as CEO, more than 30 million global users, acquired Portfolium and MasteryConnect

Other Facts


HQ’d in SLC, UT w/ 1,200 (and counting) employees worldwide


Publicly traded (INST)


100% Native cloud & 99.9% annual uptime


100% Revenue retention


4,000 customers in 70+ countries


What our name lacks in pronounce-ability it makes up for in trademark-ability