K-12 Canvas Catalog

Canvas Catalog: Powering Up Professional Learning.

Canvas Catalog is a simple, modern course catalog system and branded marketplace for all of your district’s professional development and community resource offerings.

Fuel better professional development with Canvas Catalog.

Canvas Catalog’s streamlined experience helps scale educator education across your district or state. It gives you the tools to launch your own district-branded professional-development storefront.

teacher doing professional development

Investing time and resources in getting teachers trained has really helped during the pandemic…Canvas has been an integral piece in keeping the classroom going.

—Steve Hartnett

Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Elizabeth Forward School District

Streamlined Professional Development = Better Teaching And Learning

 Deliver PD at Scale

Easily and equitably offer high-quality professional development opportunities across the district.

Simplify Registration

Searching, account creation, registering, and even paying is as simple and intuitive as can be.

Support Administrators

Manage registration, certification, and a whole lot more without all the back-end work.

View Custom Reports

Teachers, students, and admins can view their own PD course progress in custom dashboards and printed transcripts. And administrators can track professional learning across the district.

Brand It for Your District

List and promote your course offerings in a familiar, district-themed experience.

Extend Canvas Content to All Stakeholders

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing community resources with teachers, parents, and students.


Offer next-level professional learning.

Self-registration and self-paced courses make it easier to differentiate professional learning. Leaders can easily build, manage, and customize course options and pages and offer certification paths. Enrollment, payments, and certificates are all handled automatically, which saves administrators time.

Customize pages with preloaded templates
Develop certificate programs
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person using Canvas Catalog

Admin Tools

Make sure everyone’s engaged.

Use customized dashboards to view what’s been completed and what’s coming up next. Administrators can generate high-level reports to view registrations and progress—and easily export them with a click. How does Canvas Catalog keep learning on track?

Easy progress tracking

Self-serve learning for educators (and parents, too!)

Registration in a snap

More to love about Canvas Catalog:

Create Your Own Programs

Bundle multiple courses together in programs for professional development and community resources.

Sub-Catalog Listings

Create course listings branded for a specific department or team.

Customizable Page Templates

Fill in your own content and publish web pages for FAQs, contact info, and more. Even create landing pages for individual courses.

Personalized Certificates

Set up Catalog to create custom certificates and distribute them upon completion.

Seamless Canvas Integration

Catalog is part of one big, happy Canvas family.

Explore the Entire Canvas Product Family

Simplify teaching and learning activities, organize coursework and keep teachers, students, and families connected and communicating. Anytime, anywhere.

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