Digital Badging for K-12 Professional Development

Ensure your educators have the skills and credentials needed to produce the best outcomes for students in your school or district. Start tracking skills and certifications, supporting professional development, and evaluating progress today.

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Recognize and reward professional learning.

Open the Lines of Communication

Digital credentials assist in translating learning outcomes into validated skills that both educators and their employers can easily comprehend.

Recognize and Verify Achievement

Empower teachers and staff to provide evidence of the transferable skills that are needed in an ever-evolving professional education landscape.

Upskill, Reskill, and Hire the Best Fit

Digital badging opens up new ways to articulate competencies and accomplishments, verify skills, and identify opportunities within a school district for both existing and new educators and staff. 

Drive Your District’s Mission

Discover, understand, and report on badging metrics and employee professional development achievements. Then architect pathways that illuminate the skills and accomplishments educators need to be lifelong learners.

Deliver Transparency

Badges provide teachers and staff agency over their training and career path by clearly communicating the institution-valued skills they previously demonstrated or have yet to earn.


Educator-owned professional development

Teachers and staff can share their Comprehensive Learner Record (LER)—a digital space where all learning and skills are brought together into one easily accessible, secure, and verifiable source of truth—no matter where or when they earned a skill or competency.

Onboard, train, and level up

Build learning journeys with pathways

Gamify accomplishments

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Showcase achievements and skills in real-time.

Easily discover the micro-credentials your teachers and staff earn—identifying institutional skills recognized and the number of employees learning them. Determine which professional development opportunities are maximized with digital badging and understand how these Open Badges are shared on social mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Communicate institution-valued skills

Track badges earned in Canvas LMS and elsewhere



Map the way to engagement and success.

Digital badging can be complex. Canvas Credentials makes it easy. Automate milestone badges, track third-party badges, and apply group and individual progress tracking while assigning pathways to groups and individuals. With self-paced professional learning journeys, your educators can take the lead, track their progress, and look ahead to plan next steps.


Canvas Credentials —
A digital credentialing solution for K-12 education

Skills Alignment

Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring.

Reporting & Analytics

Manage, track, analyze, and report in real time.

Learner Record

Make it easy for learners to visualize, understand, and share progress.


Create a fully branded end-to-end experience.

Trust & Security

Offer confidence through data privacy, security, and ownership.

Explore the Entire Canvas Product Family

Simplify teaching and learning activities, organize coursework and keep teachers, students, and families connected and communicating. Anytime, anywhere.

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