Assessment. To the Power of Feedback.

Educators use expertly-developed, tightly-aligned items from the Mastery Item Bank to create formative assessments that tell them what students know and where they need to take their instruction next.

Create assessments that lead to meaningful insights.

Get immediate feedback about what your students know and don’t so you can adjust instruction in the moment when it can have the greatest impact on student learning.


Using an item bank to develop formative assessment along with and in-between benchmark assessments has provided our teachers with timely and precise data to guide instructional decisions.

—Greg Paczak, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Development, Madison County Schools, Ridgeland, MS

High quality, expertly-designed items to fuel your formative strategies.

Ample Items For Your Formative Process

Designed to check for student understanding and guide instruction at the district and classroom levels, the Mastery Item Bank includes 98K+ standards-based items in ELA, math, science, and social studies.

Up-To-Date Standards Alignment

Rely on the most precise learning standards alignment for all 50 states and D.C., Common Core State Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

Spanish-Translated Items

Support the needs of English language learners with 22K+ Spanish-translated items that allow teachers to assess a students’ understanding of concepts without testing their English ability.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Modify Mastery items to suit the needs of your classroom. Change the number of distractors for certain students, edit names to demonstrate equity or cultural appropriateness, or update vocabulary to reflect your curriculum.

Fully Integrated Into Mastery Connect

Quickly create formative assessments with the Mastery Item Bank and then use the Mastery Tracker to assess and get an instant, visual view into student performance.


Set teachers up for success in the classroom.

Assessment is an impactful tool, but teachers don't always have time to create standards-based questions. Give your teachers access to thousands of high-quality items so they can build classroom formatives and assess students on the right skills and concepts.

Use in day-to-day instruction

Identify specific areas for remediation

Evaluate efficacy



Empower students to own their learning.

Instant feedback is the perfect conversation starter to help students understand where they are in their learning and, ultimately, assume responsibility for it. Formative assessment provides teachers a way to connect with students, engage them in the feedback loop, and set academic goals together.

More to love about the Mastery Item Bank

Innovative Item Types

Mastery Item Bank supports a range of item types—including technology-enhanced items and mode-specific writing prompts—to reflect and assess the intent of standards.

Rigorous Development

Subject-matter experts develop items using a multi-step methodology that includes stringent item-writing guidelines, quality checks, and multiple rounds of review.

Loads of Passages

Over 1,500 passages and paired passages cover a wide variety of topics and genres. Passages include Lexile Measure, text complexity, and word count.

Rich Metadata

Each item is tagged with extensive metadata like DOK, difficulty level, and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to guide question selection and analysis.

Scoring Rubrics

Mastery Item Bank offers rubrics for constructed response items and writing prompts to assist teachers with consistent and reliable scoring.

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