Assessment. To the power of Mastery Connect.

Mastery Connect is the K–12 digital assessment management system that makes data-driven instruction a no-brainer.

Powerful tools and reliable assessment. The perfect pair.

Expertly-designed to identify mastery of key standards, the new Mastery View Formative Assessments provide the insights you need to determine where students are in their learning. Delivered exclusively through Mastery Connect.

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The thing about Mastery Connect that resonates with us is that it allows students to own their data. They see their data and know where they are and how they’re progressing.

Gretta Rogne

Director of Digital Learning, New Caney Independent School District, New Caney, TX

Meet students where they are. And get them where they need to be.

Instant Insights

Get a fast handle on what your students know and don’t know through standards-based formative and benchmark assessments. Use the results to target interventions and adjust instruction.

Choices, Choices

Use the assessment type that works best for your needs, from quick multiple-choice quizzes to performance-based tasks to reliable, rigorous tests. Or use your own observations.

Curriculum, Mapped

Map standards along with scope and sequence across the district with a common set of resources you can build upon year after year.

Teacher Teamwork

Share resources and have more meaningful conversations around assessment data and the best ways to promote student growth.

BFFs with Canvas LMS

A single sign-on and automatic data passback let you launch Mastery Connect assessments directly from the Canvas LMS.

Mastery Connect is ESSA-Validated

Validated in alignment with ESSA Level IV Evidence, you can trust Mastery Connect is research-based, outcomes-focused, and eligible for federal funding.

Instructure Product Desktop Mastery Connect K12 Mastery Tracker


Don’t just collect student assessment data. Use it.

The innovative Mastery Tracker gives you an instant, visual view into student levels of understanding on any set of academic standards. This spotlight approach lets you quickly see which students need intervention and which standards may need reteaching in real time when they can best impact learning outcomes.

Learn from Mastery Tracker

See who needs intervention

Reteach in real time



Reporting for duty.

Clearly see students’ mastery of standards in an intuitive, visual way. (No spreadsheet assembly required.) Get real-time actionable data on their understanding of what’s been taught and assessed—at the class, school, or district level. Then easily compare and collaborate with your fellow educators around data you’ve discovered from your assessments.

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Take the mystery out of mastery.

Mastery doesn’t always come easily. And a little targeted remediation can go a long way. Once Mastery Connect has shown you who’s struggling to understand what, you can use this newfound knowledge to adjust instruction, create tiered interventions—and go boldly wherever you see fit from there.

The learning arm of the district (teachers) and the accountability arm of the district (leaders) are all speaking the same language. We all share the same goal and are rowing in the same direction.

Brent Yeager

Assistant Superintendent for Learning Service, Olathe Public Schools, Olathe, KS

More to love about Mastery Connect:

Top-Notch Grading Tools

Spend less time grading and more time teaching. Scan bubble sheets or set up assessments through any web browser and instantly score them with MasteryTracker.

Assess Any Set of Standards

Mastery Connect provides academic standards for every state and national core, including every subject area and grade level. You can also create your own custom standards.

Families Welcome

Easily show families the story behind the grade, the standards being assessed, and students’ progress and mastery of each standard.

Connect with Teachers Everywhere

Create your own personal learning network and follow other teachers. Search the community for standards-aligned resources by grade, subject, standard, and more.

Happy Pinning

Search assessment resources by standard (or find them anywhere online) and create personalized playlists that can be shared with the class, a small intervention group, or your teacher team(s).

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Drive learning outcomes and standards mastery with high quality assessments and actionable insights that inform and improve teaching and learning.

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