Increase Visibility.
Build Evidence.
Deepen Partnership.

LearnPlatform by Instructure connects edtech providers with the education organizations that need their solutions. Increase visibility, cost-effectively build ESSA-aligned contextual evidence, and efficiently engage with education partners for differentiation in a crowded edtech market.


Differentiate your product with evidence

In edtech, evidence matters. The right research partner can help you not only build your evidence base but also help you disseminate your results in the market.

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We have an ethical commitment that what we're providing for students and teachers is going to make a positive difference in the learning. You need to do that through evidence.

Lara Triona

VP of Learning Science, LeverED

Increase Visibility.
Build Evidence.
Support Partners.

Optimize discoverability

Over 350k educators leverage LearnPlatform. Review and update product details and showcase your most recent releases, enhancements, and certifications to make sure they can find you.

Streamline engagement and compliance

Provide up-to-date contact information to educators, respond more efficiently to state and LEA requests, and demonstrate transparency and commitment to data privacy by sharing key documentation

Leverage deep research expertise

Access experienced, What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) certified researchers to run or validate evaluations of your solutions and navigate the nuances of ESSA evidence requirements with a trusted partner


Meet ESSA requirements in weeks

Demonstrate compliance with the four levels of ESSA evidence to ensure funding eligibility with a practical, cost-effective research methodology and immediately share your evidence with in-platform dissemination


Connect with education agencies who are the right fit.

K-12 administrators need edtech solutions that meet specific criteria for data privacy requirements, tech specs, and content alignment. LearnPlatform helps you showcase third-party certifications from the Student Data Privacy Pledge, OneEdTech, ISTE, and Digital Promise; plus makes it easy for agencies to request vetting applications, DPIs, RFPs, and more.

Provide critical compliance documentation

Centralize communication with K-12 admins

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ESSA-aligned evidence, made scalable

Traditional education research is time-consuming and expensive. Our expert WWC-certified research team and application-focused model is fast and cost-effective, so you can conduct research on an ongoing basis–and build a larger body of ESSA-aligned evidence that spans broader education contexts.

De-complicate ESSA evidence levels

Ensure federal funding eligibility

Benefit from 3rd party expertise

Rapid return on research investment


As soon as LearnPlatform delivered our ESSA Level IV report with our logic model, we shared it with a potential customer. Their response was an immediate 'Yes, this is what we needed.

Irina Fine

Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Bamboo Learning


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