ESSA-Aligned Evidence in the Spotlight.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires federal funds be used for interventions that meet one of four levels of evidence. Our ESSA Evidence Badges™ can be earned by any education solution and equip educators to quickly and easily understand a solution’s existing evidence base. Look for these digital badges as a signal of proven results with validated third-party evidence.

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We have an ethical commitment that what we're providing for students and teachers is going to make a positive difference in their learning. You need to do that through evidence.

Lara Triona

VP of Learning Sciences, Levered

Understand the ESSA Levels of Evidence

ESSA Level IV: Demonstrates Rationale

  • Research-based approach outlines why the solution should have positive student impact
  • Commitment to ongoing research efforts to build the evidence base
  • Eligible for some federal funding

ESSA Level III: Promising Evidence

  • Positive student impact demonstrated through correlational study at a single site
  • Eligible for all years of federal funding

ESSA Level II: Moderate Evidence

  • Positive student impact demonstrated through quasi-experimental study conducted at multiple sites
  • Study utilized comparison groups without random assignment
  • Eligible for all years of federal funding

ESSA Level I: Strong Evidence

  • Positive student impact demonstrated through randomized control trial study conducted at multiple sites
  • Study utilized randomized groups for stronger, unbiased results
  • Eligible for all years of federal funding


Putting ESSA Evidence Badges to use

LearnPlatform’s ESSA Evidence Badges streamline the vetting process by highlighting a solution’s evidence base and research commitment. Educators can speed up evaluation by looking for ESSA Evidence Badges on provider websites and in provider marketing material or searching for solutions with ESSA Evidence Badges in the LearnPlatform Community Library.

Quickly and easily understand the ESSA-aligned evidence base associated with a specific edtech tool.

Ask solution providers for ESSA-aligned evidence and research agendas

Incorporate ESSA-aligned research in your RFPs

Run rapid-cycle evaluations on priority products in your own context

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What's behind the badges

LearnPlatform’s ESSA Evidence Badges™ indicate that a study done on a solution meets the evidence requirements outlined in the ESSA framework. Each badge shows the ESSA level of evidence met, the level description, and the year the study was completed.

Study has been designed, executed or independently validated for ESSA alignment

More badges = larger research base

Showcase your ESSA-aligned research on your Product Details page in the LearnPlatform library


The ESSA Level IV certification is built on establishing and demonstrating rationale and how different features of your product work to help you achieve the goals you set. Being able to do so from a trusted third-party source is a great opportunity.

Mitch Slater

Founder and CEO, Levered


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