Addressing EdTech Challenges with Evidence: Your District's Playbook


Leaders at the state and local levels have a clear, urgent need to modernize their systems and processes to better support educators and students by ensuring that the decisions they make about education technology are grounded in evidence, promote safety and equity, and protect the privacy of student data.

Building an effective edtech ecosystem relies on evidence. District administrators have a lot of information at their fingertips — but if it cannot be shared with and applied by those who need it, when they need it, then it loses its potential. True effectiveness is a mix of evidence and efficiency, offering K-12 district leaders what they need to solve critical challenges. 

Our new playbook can help you take action, with the evidence you have, in your district. This flexible guide shares tips, concepts and best practices to build and maintain evidence in a sustainable way. Split into the following sections, this guide touches on some of the most common challenges K-12 administrators face and how they can be addressed with evidence:

  • Getting started and organized.
  • Involving teachers.
  • Mitigating student data privacy and cybersecurity risk.
  • Informing decisions that advance student outcomes.
  • Meeting federal and state reporting requirements.



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