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When it comes to edtech, K-12 educators have lots of options, and they're using LearnPlatform by Instructure to make decisions. Claim and update your page in our edtech library to get in front of the education institutions that need your solutions - all at no cost to you.

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LearnPlatform allows us to have everything in one place, simplifying the process for everyone.

Dr. Wanda Wagner

Director of Information Technology, Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES)

Start connecting with the right educators.

Streamlined engagement

Respond efficiently to requests from states, districts and educators, and benefit from a centralized record of communications.

Improved compliance

Show your organization’s commitment to student data privacy compliance through transparent document and policy sharing.

Increased visibility

Make sure your product information is correct, up-to-date and shows districts an accurate representation of your product(s).

Why You Should Claim Your Page

Claiming your page gives you control over the information displayed about your products and provides an opportunity for meaningful interaction and building positive relationships with districts. Don't leave your page unclaimed. With LearnPlatform by Instructure, you can:

Efficiently respond to state and local education agency requests. 

Ensure accurate product representation.  

Demonstrate commitment to protecting personal student data.

Showcase product enhancements and feature details.

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How to Claim Your Page

Claiming your page gives you control over the information displayed about your products within LearnPlatform's library of 11k+ edtech tools. Improve communication with existing and prospective education partners, ensure accurate representation of your product, and demonstrate your commitment to safety, data privacy, and evidence.

Follow these four steps to claim your FREE LearnPlatform product page: