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View infographics that provide a snapshot of today's educational environment. These scannable resources are designed to help you quickly grasp the most important takeaways of topics and data related to K12, Higher Education, and edtech in general.

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  • Infographic

    3 Ways to Power Up Your Professional…

    Power up professional learning through personalization, simplifying, and scaling
  • Infographic

    The Cheap LMS Isn't Cheap

    Choosing the right LMS should be a strategic decision not based on savings alone
  • Infographic

    5 Reasons to Invest in High-Quality…

    Discover five reasons to add high-quality, standards-aligned content to your
  • Infographic

    5 Ways Teachers Can Use Assessment Data in…

    Using assessment data can be challenging. Here are 5 ways teachers can
  • Infographic

    How to Build a Positive Assessment Culture

    Learn how to get started building a positive assessment culture in our quick 8
  • Infographic

    Louisiana’s Community and Technical College…

    Learn about Louisiana’s Community and Technical College System's use of Canvas
  • Infographic

    4 Essential Canvas for Elementary Questions

    Dig into the 4 essential questions below when considering Canvas for Elementary
  • Infographic

    5 Ways to Boost Engagement with Canvas Studio

    Learn how Canvas Studio turns video content into meaningful conversation for all
  • Infographic

    5 Must Haves When Choosing An LMS

    Check out the key elements to look for in an LMS to ensure you’re making the
  • Infographic

    The State of Assessment in K-12 Education

    Our K-12 assessment-focused research uncovers vital stats and key trends that
  • Infographic

    Impact: A Game-Changing Support and…

    Our data-driven support and communication tool helps you maximize the use of
  • Infographic

    5 Ways Canvas Credentials Prepares Students…

    Read this infographic to learn 5 practical ways that Canvas Credentials sets
  • Infographic

    Save Districts Time and Money with Elevate…

    Elevate Data Sync’s grade passback means less work for teachers, faster grades
  • Infographic

    Choosing The Right LMS

    See how today’s technology challenges call for choosing the right LMS.
  • Infographic

    The Fundamental 5

    How can you make learning personal for all K-12 students? Answer these five