The State of Vocational Education in Singapore [2022 Infographic]


By exploring the infographic on the "State of Vocational Education in Singapore 2022," you will gain valuable insights into the current landscape.


Discover the following key findings:

  • Vocational education in Singapore has experienced a significant shift in its direction, embracing new approaches.
  • Technology usage remains a priority, with a focus on maintaining increased utilisation.
  • Institutions in Singapore are more likely to offer online courses (73%) and hybrid courses (73%).
  • Forward-thinking institutions are leading the way in shaping the future of vocational education in Singapore.
  • 73% of institutions express the desire for more technology integration in their fully in-person courses going forward.
  • The infographic sheds light on the increasing influence of technology while acknowledging potential challenges on the horizon.
  • Strategies to overcome challenges include stronger recruitment and retention of trainers/staff (31%), better online learning resources (33%), more flexible state/provincial/regional regulations (25%), and expanded functionality of Learning Management Systems (LMS) (39%).
  • Mental health support initiatives play a crucial role, with percentages indicating agreement on their importance: campus wellbeing events (56%), staff training (55%), mentorship programs (54%), in-person/virtual counselling (52%), and mental health apps (56%).
  • An overwhelming 93% agree that learning management systems have been essential for their institution's success over the past two years.
  • The infographic also presents insights from administrators and trainers in Singapore, highlighting the major impacts of the poor economy and increased tuition fees on vocational education.

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