Elevate Data Quality. Powering Data Quality Improvement.

Elevate Data Quality ensures district data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date by enabling districts to proactively detect and quickly resolve data problems.

Implement a continuous process of data-quality improvement.

Eliminate manual data reporting and processes with an efficient and measurable approach to data quality.

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Data drives our business, from student achievement to funding to program support. If our data is inaccurate, we are losing opportunities to support our students and the administration. With Elevate Data Quality, we can now maximize our potential for success.

—Gary Sabia

Program Director, MiSiS Project, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

Transform Your Data Quality Program.

Automate Data Validation

Elevate Data Quality promotes a daily, proactive process by automatically reading your district’s databases each night and sending email alerts to notify users about specific data issues that need to be reviewed, monitored, or corrected.

Avoid State Reporting Challenges

State data submission periods can be incredibly stressful for districts. Our product ensures that data clean-up is a continuous, year-round process so that state reporting deadlines are easily met, with accurate and complete data.

Save Time and Resources

Reduce the time your district staff spends on data clean-up, training, emailing, and supporting schools, so they can be re-focused on more strategic district initiatives.

Create Data Ownership and Accountability

Elevate Data Quality provides an easy and streamlined process of data error detection and correction that empowers schools to take an active role in keeping data clean and up-to-date—no technical skills required.

Maximize Funding Opportunities

Having accurate counts for special populations such as English language learners, free and reduced lunch, and others can impact the level of funding and program support that is received. Consistently validating your data can support compliance efforts.


Make data quality a priority.

The growing volume of district data can be overwhelming, with limited time to verify accuracy. Poor data quality is not only inconvenient, but it can have consequences that impact student progress, state funding, and a school district’s reputation. Elevate Data Quality enables you to easily detect data errors and discrepancies before they become larger problems.

Identify data-quality issues in source systems

Rely on accurate data for informed decision-making

Proactively identify potential funding or compliance issues
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More to love about Elevate Data Quality:

Rule Libraries

Districts can utilize a collection of high-value pre-defined rules and can also define their own district-specific rules to meet business and data needs.

Alerts, Right to Your Inbox

Users receive daily, personalized email notifications that highlight data issues. Users can then log in to review detailed data errors that are relevant for their specific role.

Personalized Scorecards

A daily inventory of data issues in the user’s area of responsibility with error details. Scorecards include a Data Certification Score that allows users to measure their progress.

Rule Prescriptions

“How-to” documents that can be added to each rule so users can quickly reference the information needed to research an issue or make a data correction.

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