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Canvas for Competency Based Education

With Canvas LMS your institution can support open-entry, variable-paced Competency Based Education (CBE) programs using the same LMS your students and faculty have grown to love! As schools evolve to address concern over rising student costs and the lack of alignment between college graduate skills and labor-market needs, Canvas has evolved with you.

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All about the Student

The CBE approach allows students to advance based on their ability to demonstrate mastery of a skill, or “competency.” Students can progress at their own pace towards a predefined set of outcomes and are frequently assessed along their learning path to help them achieve, and prove, understanding on a personal and authentic level.

Student-centered learning

Focused on mastery of skills

Clear pathways on a personal pace


Intuitive and Accessible

Stack, sort, and organize achievements into learning pathways to help students understand the requirements and visually track their progress towards their academic goals. 

Dynamic Course Plans

Scale CBE programs by automatically setting due dates to help students stay on track no matter when they begin their learning.

Personalized Pathways

Customize learning experiences for students based on performance. Create personalized learning pathways that provide multiple opportunities to show and achieve mastery in a course.

Streamlined Approach

Enable faculty and administrators to track student progress against educational goals or desired outcomes. A unified, streamlined approach that dramatically reduces the amount of work required to implement CBE programs.

Showcase Career Readiness

Empower learners with digital certifications that give potential employers access to rich, verifiable, and secure information about their achievements.


As you look to build a competency-based or outcomes-based educational program, you may need help along the way. As you think about your desired curriculum strategy, learner experience, and assessment approach, our learning and technical services team can help you use Canvas and other Instructure products to best support your specific needs.

Whether you need help planning your program, training your staff, applying best practices in Canvas, creating great course models, moving content, or creating specialized reports, we can help!

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