Set Your Students Up 
for Success.

Students’ needs are always evolving. Fortunately, so is our platform. Use it to deliver an engaging, mobile-friendly digital classroom with the communication and productivity tools students need to succeed.

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Career-preparedness is key.

In a recent survey we conducted of 7,000+ college higher-education students around the world, career-readiness was their #1 priority. Our platform offers personalized learning pathways that can adapt to students’ interests, as well as ePortfolios they can use to highlight and archive proof of their skills and achievements for potential employers.

Personalized learning pathways

Data to help measure student outcomes

ePortfolios to highlight achievements


Whole-student engagement. Because the whole student matters.

Mental well-being has never been more important in education—and in life. So we all need to think beyond the lecture, look at holistic student development, and teach habits for success. Our platform connects the dots with supportive tools for all of the above.

Many ways to stay connected and check in

Student-to-student communication

Flexibility that supports all sorts of learning styles

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Educators matter, too.

Our 2021 year-over-year survey showed that the quality and tech-proficiency of faculty is a top contributor to student success, and that engaging content and instruction are critical. Our platform is full of tools for interactive collaboration, feedback loops, and video communication.

Student and classroom data in educators’ hands

Dynamic discussions

Enhanced engagement through interactive video

All part of the Instructure family.

These tools work together to enrich, support, and connect every aspect of teaching and learning.

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