The Instructure Learning Platform easily integrates the tools K–12 educators and students need with the apps they love in one seamless learning experience.


A consistent, familiar digital learning environment.

Openness is at the heart of the Instructure Learning Platform. No matter what apps and tools you add, it’s the hub of your digital learning system—one single-sign-on-ready, integration-loving platform. Both teachers and students benefit from a unified experience in a familiar digital classroom.

One hub for all digital learning

Easy movement between tools and apps

Open APIs and LTI integrations

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group of kids


Open architecture. Open for progress.

You know best what works best for your district, school, and classroom, so don’t be forced into a rigid arrangement of tools. With open architecture built on industry-leading technology, our reliable, secure platform allows you to build the right ecosystem for you. Plus our open culture is all about collaborative partnerships. And our open platform is made to connect with your favorite tools, creating a consistent, familiar workflow for data, content, and collaboration from anywhere.

Options for every learning style

More flexibility for teachers

More ways for students to engage


Not just API—LTI.

The open API isn't the only way you can extend the learning ecosystem and amplify its teaching and learning potential. Our platform supports Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Specifically, the latest version of LTI: LTI Advantage.

The gold standard for integrating your tools

An open LTI app collection

Integration tutorials and resources

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