Integrating Microsoft Teams with Canvas LMS

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It’s no secret that educators have more tasks than time when it comes to the world of teaching. Curriculum today must reach learners at any and every stage, from K-20 to professionals to life-long learners – and in multiple modalities. That’s why tools like Microsoft Teams that promise educators a way to do more with less are among hundreds of edtech tools that integrate seamlessly with Canvas LMS. Read on to see why educators don't have to choose between the two but can experience the best of both worlds.

User Experience

  • YES, Teams offers a familiar look and feel of other Microsoft software and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft devices
  • AND, with Canvas, educators can extend that seamless experience to hundreds of other edtech tools while still having a single, consistent, and familiar digital learning environment


  • YES, you can connect with people via video conferencing for collaboration and instruction, accompanied by file sharing, tasks and polling capabilities
  • AND, use group assignments, peer review, and course- and account-level groups to increase student-to-student and student-to-educator engagement.


  • YES, provide equitable access with both desktop and mobile-friendly apps for MS Teams
  • AND, scale that access with LMS features compliant with accessibility standards, such as the Accessibility Checker within the Rich Content Editor, automated captioning, blueprint courses for consistency, and mastery paths for individualized learning


  • YES, streamline processes with SIS integration for automatic Class Team creation and plugins in MS Teams for various edtech tools
  • AND, launch MS Teams directly within your familiar Canvas environment, which can connect many apps with a single sign-on and reduce your overall number of logins and work environments 


  • YES, use MS Teams with hundreds of collaborative apps and contribute to shared content through collaborative annotations in Teams meetings
  • AND, incorporate Discussions or Chat into communications with individual students, groups, or the entire class through messaging, audio notes, video, and more.

Canvas LMS and Microsoft Teams are mutually committed to reliability, security, and privacy, as well as providing learners, educators and administrators with a connected experience across multiple platforms. To learn how this powerful integration can elevate course delivery,  watch Microsoft Teams Meetings + Canvas: Installation Tips or Using Microsoft Teams in the Classroom.

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