K-12 Analytics

Analytical Insights that Impact Student Success.

Data-driven education depends on comprehensive, useful data. Provide your teachers, principals, and district leaders with actionable data coupled with powerful analytical tools, and watch them improve student outcomes.

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Analytics that drive instruction.

When it comes to assessment data, you need instant, standards-based insights to improve teaching and learning. Mastery Connect provides real-time data so you can see students’ mastery of standards in an intuitive, visual way—at the class, school, or district level.

Receive immediate standards-based feedback

Adjust instruction

Design targeted interventions


Analytics that provide actionable insights, at scale.

To support an equitable and personalized learning experience for all students, educators need to have a complete picture of each one. Elevate K-12 Analytics brings together data from across your district and provides rich and flexible analytics that help you measure, manage, and improve student outcomes.

Use predefined reports and visualizations from day one

Perform in-the-moment analysis

Make correlations between data in multiple systems
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Analytics that help improve data quality.

Data powers the mission-critical programs and decisions for your district, so you need it to be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Elevate Data Quality makes it easy to detect data issues before they impact students, educators, or funding.

Automate critical data validation tasks

Correct data-quality issues in source systems

Ensure funding and avoid audits and penalties

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