Teachers, we’re saying thanks for all you do (and especially all you’ve done this last year and a half) with free 1:1 coaching from our Panda Pros beginning this July throughout the fall.

Nobody knows Instructure tools like the Panda Pros.

Educators using Instructure tools (like Canvas, MasteryConnect, Pathways and Outcomes Assessment): Sign up to meet with a Panda Pro who can answer your questions and help you feel ready for fall.

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Canvas LMS Users

We get it. Canvas does a LOT. Have a Canvas account, but want pointers on features and tools (like Studio)? The Panda Pros have your back.

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MasteryConnect Users

You need to know what your students know. Pronto. Our Panda Pros can help you maximize assessments with MasteryConnect.

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Portfolium Users

From Pathways to Outcomes Assessments, Panda Pros can help you (and your students) make the most of Portfolium.

Ready to go with your Panda Pro?

Your meeting will be 25 minutes long. So it helps to have your questions ready in advance. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Module Best Practices

How do I create consistency in modules? How do I build reusable content? How do I use module prerequisites?

Rich Content Editor

How do I use the HTML Editor? How do I add text headers, alt-text, and other accessibility features? How do I integrate audio and video?

Accessibility and Course Design

How do I run and use the Accessibility Checker? Can I validate/check broken links? How do I add captions to Studio videos?

Standard-Based Grading

How should I be thinking about outcomes? How should I be using rubrics?


How do I use the annotation tools. What is speech-to-text feedback? How should I utilize rubrics?

Strategies for Formative Assessments

How do I use tools like bell-ringers, exit tickets, and group work check-ins to drive better formative assessments?

Let’s Get You on the Schedule

If you have any issues scheduling or attending your coaching session, please send an email to our team for help.