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Student success. To the power of Pathways.

Canvas Student Pathways engages students through custom, stackable pathways, helps them navigate their academic and co-curricular journeys, and provides a roadmap for acquiring new skills.

It’s about the journey AND the destination.

The world’s chaos has a way of pulling students in different directions. So it’s important to help them maintain a clear vision of where they’ve been and where they’re going on their learning journeys—up to graduation and beyond.

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We needed a way for students to showcase the skills they’ve gained and the experiences that developed them. Mapping the program to Canvas Student Pathways has been the perfect way to do this.

Catrina Hunter,

Associate Director of Operations, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon

Give students a clearer path to success.

Automatic Digital Badges

Studies suggest students miss claiming up to 90% of their badges and ignore 54% of their emails. Canvas Student Pathways automatically issues badges and showcases them on students' digital portfolios.

Accomplishments for Life

Provide students with a lifelong digital portfolio where they can store and showcase earned badges, pathways, coursework, and portfolios with peers, mentors, and potential employers.

Big-Picture Maps

Each student has a unique, stackable pathway that shows them exactly where they are in their learning process, what they're working to accomplish, and how each step along the way contributes to a greater goal.

Evidence Attached

Students can attach photos and examples of their coursework directly to a badge. This shows observers like potential employers the earning paths, milestones, and requirements behind each badge.

Custom Digital Badges

Create your own custom digital badges to be issued at set milestones and accomplishments throughout students’ independent paths.

Create motivation with intentional student pathways.

Students should know right where they are in their learning process, what they’re trying to accomplish, and how each step contributes to a greater goal. Canvas Student Pathways helps them view and achieve their own milestones through their own pathways. Instructors can incorporate co-curricular planning and assessment into any pathway—and build program pathways, first-year experience pathways, and more.

Show students where they are and where they’re going.

See how each step contributes to their greater goals.

Display milestones in custom, stackable earning pathways.

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Person working on Pathways in cafe

Issue digital badges with individualized artifacts.

Canvas Student Pathways helps institutions issue verified badges backed by authentic assessment of coursework and co-curricular work samples. Allow your students to attach photos, samples, and examples of their coursework to each badge. This facilitates reflection and improved articulation of the acquired skills and competencies—and lets everyone see the meaning behind each badge.

In the first 12 months, students posted more than 115,000 artifacts of their work. In the process they regularly are thinking about the competencies that they are acquiring and why it matters to potential employers.

Dr. Timothy Renick

Vice Provost and VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success Georgia State University


Way to go, Pathways.

Easy Implementation

Plug in Student Pathways to any LMS and start supporting your students. (It’s particularly partial to Canvas.)

Pairs Nicely with Canvas ePortfolio Network

The Canvas ePortfolio Network fuels student success by tracking and measuring learning outcomes, providing certified evidence of skills, and connecting students with relevant job opportunities.

Always in sync with students’ e-portfolios

Issued badges are automatically claimed and stored in a student's e-portfolio.

Fully customizable requirement types

Whether it's an event activity that happens outside the LMS, a project completion, a previous-assignment submission, or completion of another badge or pathway, it’s all possible in Canvas Student Pathways.

Connect with LinkedIn, Facebook, and more

Empower students to easily share their badges and completed projects across LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Simplify the reviewing process

Canvas Student Pathways allows you to customize your review strategy and easily assign reviewers to specific badges and pathways.

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