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      Presentation: Amazon Education

      A study shows that nearly 66% of higher education students have opted out of buying a textbook due to the cost.

      That can often pose problems for their teachers and administrators, who find that it’s tough for students to actively participate without the required text.

      At Mission: InstructureCon 0017, Amazon Education representatives talked about how they address those challenges by enabling educators to “publish, discover, and distribute digital materials so students can learn for less on any device.”

      Amazon Edu IC17

      They presented these ideas to ensure students have the materials they need to succeed:

      -Include materials as part of tuition or other student fees and deliver to students on day 1

      -Provide students the materials for the lowest possible prices

      -Provide students a broad range of options for buying content

      -Introduce more selection so that students can learn concepts from alternative, reputable materials

      -Give faculty more tools for authoring and publishing lower cost materials