LearnPlatform by Instructure Explained

Video Transcript
Educators want to improve the lives and outcomes of all students, that's more possible than ever with the rapid growth of technology in education. But this tech revolution has a downside. School districts now use an average of more than 1,000 edtech tools every month and often struggle to keep up. Today, teachers and administrators frequently describe their edtech environments as the Wild West. [MUSIC PLAYING] Unruly, unsafe, unpredictable. Which products are students actually using? Are those tools safe, effective and helping us reach our goals? Which tools and practices really help students achieve better outcomes? Disjointed spreadsheets, email threads, and overwhelming sales calls can't provide the answers education organizations need, but Learn Platform can.

Learn Platform is the edtech effectiveness system that helps educators save time and allows their organizations to save money and improve student outcomes. With Learn Platform, you can organize your edtech inventory to know what's safe, available, and working. Streamlined processes like contract management, pilots, purchasing, and data privacy compliance. And rapidly analyze any edtech for evidence of what improve student outcomes as required by the Every Student Succeeds Act. Turn the chaos of the Wild West-- [MUSIC PLAYING] --into the modern learning environment your teachers and students deserve and ensure all students have access to the safest, most effective technology every day. Contact Learn Platform today.

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