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Canvas Is My EdTech Crush

Looking back on my four years of high school, it is easy to say that my high school sweetheart is one of a kind. He keeps me organized, makes sure I stay on top of my school work, and is incredibly good-looking. My high school sweetheart has changed how I view education forever. Granted, he's seeing many others at my all-girls Catholic high school. In all seriousness, he's an app and his name is Canvas. Canvas has changed my entire high school experience. He has helped me become a better student.

With the many different uses of Canvas, it has increased my study skills and learning abilities tremendously. What excites me most is the organizational components of the app. The Calendar and To-Do section keep my assignments in order in a sleek color-coded style so that I am never missing homework. Gone are the days of constantly wondering if I have a test next period. With Canvas, I feel as if I am in control of my learning.  I also love how Canvas works with many different edtech apps like Notability, Google Drive, and Nearpod to create a cohesive learning experience. This collaboration between different apps allows Canvas to be my “rock” in navigating different edtech products.

With Canvas, I feel as if I am in control of my learning. Canvas has changed my entire high school experience.

Canvas is not only a fantastic app, but it helps me save the environment by making my life completely paperless. I am able to turn in essays, projects, and homework from other apps to Canvas will just a click of a button. I feel more prepared and stress-free to class knowing that my homework is completed and turned in on time. So although I haven't found “the one” just yet, I have definitely found my forever favorite app.

Keep learning,

Yazmine Ocampo
Senior at Presentation High School (California)