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      Face the Future With Wisdom From Sal Khan

      With questions remaining about when and how schools will reopen in the fall, a lot of us are feeling uncertain about the upcoming school year. 

      That's one of the reasons we're looking forward to CanvasCon Online 2020, a virtual professional learning event for educators and edtech users across the globe. We've carefully programmed this event around fresh pedagogical perspectives and resources for tackling learning loss—and keynote speaker Sal Khan will deliver both with his signature blend of hope and pragmatism.

      Actively Addressing Learning Loss

      Sal's nonprofit organization, Khan Academy, is devoted to providing equitable access to quality education, and 2020's myriad upheavals have starkly highlighted this need. When more than one billion children were suddenly unable to go to school, Khan Academy responded with resources to help keep them learning, and it continues to add to the list as return-to-classroom plans remain foggy and educational gaps between different student demographics widen.

      Thanks to Khan Academy, students around the world are currently strengthening their math skills and preparing for the school year at Camp Khan, teachers are accessing free professional development and adapting to remote teaching, and parents are helping their kids stay up to speed with weekly learning plans. 

      Educators are fully aware that traditional teaching practices won't be enough to address learning gaps in the coming months, but many are left wondering what, specifically, to do about it. Sal's expertise will help paint a clear picture of how online learning can shift the focus from syllabi and schedules to mastery and student success in a time when the latter matters more than ever.

      About Sal Khan & Khan Academy

      Sal began his journey as an educator by tutoring his cousin in mathematics. Word quickly spread about his highly effective tutorials, prompting him to move them to YouTube and, soon afterward, to found Khan Academy. As of this year, Khan Academy has produced more than 6,500 free video lessons on a slew of academic subjects. Millions of learners subscribe to the Khan Academy YouTube channel, and its videos are nearing two billion collective views.

      Khan Academy focuses on three educational approaches that are near and dear to Canvas: personalized learning, standards-aligned practice and lessons, and empowering teachers to track and tailor instruction (and if you're looking for an LTI integration of Khan Academy videos with Canvas, you can find it here). 

      Sal Khan holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Course 6 (electrical engineering and computer science) and a bachelor's degree in Course 18 (mathematics) from MIT, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He's graced Time's list of the 100 most influential people in the world. And he'll be delivering his well-earned wisdom and inspiring educational vision via computer screens around the world on October 15th, 10 a.m. at CanvasCon Online. Don't miss it!