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Canvas Outcomes Assessment

How to Sail Through Assessment

The words "chaos," "confusion," and "dread" get a lot of play during the assessment and accreditation process. We get it. Reviewing student artifacts and assessing programs and practices across the institution can be rough.

Canvas Outcomes Assessment helps simplify this process by streamlining the review of student artifacts, offering course-, program-, and institution-level assessment, and preparing accreditation-ready PDF reports.

Streamlined Assessment. Simple Reporting.

A Smart Strategy Needs a Smart Home

The first step in assessing student work and preparing for accreditation is devising an execution strategy. Canvas Outcomes Assessment provides a centralized platform and a scalable strategy framework that faculty and administrators can easily act on.

Silos Are for Grains (Not Brains)

Silos often prevent institutions from understanding how learning outcomes are achieved across the institution. Canvas Outcomes Assessment helps provide insight at the course, program, and institutional level.

Ready, Set, Report

After you've gathered artifacts, made collections, and completed analysis, creating understandable reports is the final hill to climb ("labyrinth to navigate" might be a better metaphor). Canvas Outcomes generates insightful, accreditation-ready PDF reports with just one click.

simpson college

Redefining the Assessment Process

Two leading educators from Simpson College discuss how they are using Portfolium to track and measure learning at the course, program, and institutional level. Listen in to get step-by-step guidance and lessons learned at each stage.

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A Student-Centered Approach

Portfolium, a member of the Canvas product family, is used by over 3,600 institutions to help assess the effectiveness of their programs and courses, certify students’ competencies, and empower students to showcase their achievements and skills with evidence.