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Canvas Folio Management

Document Student Success. Drive More Success.

Every day, students create thousands of learning artifacts that are lost along the path to graduation. Canvas Folio Management provides students with a digital portfolio and a network in which they can showcase their capabilities and connect with peers, mentors, and faculty. It also gives institutions data and insights into student growth and success.

Digital Portfolios for Life

ABSS: Always Be Showcasing Skills

Artifacts and evidence of skills are often inaccessible after graduation. With Canvas Folio Management, students can showcase their coursework, co-curricular activities, skills, and competencies. It's an easy-to-update, perpetually current eportfolio.

Connect to Opportunity

Canvas Folio Management allows institutions to create their own branded network. Students, faculty, and others can then be added to the network, share their work, and connect with each other.

See Success In the Works

The network allows institutions to gather data on students' growth and success. Canvas Folio Management provides you with a dashboard of insights into skills, connections, and other student-success-related metrics.

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A Roadmap to Student Success

Learn how the Porfolium Network and Canvas Folio Management helps empower your students to showcase their work and achievements as they create a lifelong digital portfolio that houses their course assignments, artifacts, and co-curricular work.

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A Student-Centered Approach

Portfolium, a member of the Canvas product family, is used by over 3,600 institutions to help assess the effectiveness of their programs and courses, certify students’ competencies, and empower students to showcase their achievements and skills with evidence.