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Bridge by Instructure is an employee development and engagement solution for businesses. Bridge prioritizes the employee experience, giving them the tools they need to learn new skills, connect with their managers, chart their progress, and drive their careers.


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Bridge Helps Employees Focus on the Long Game

A training management system isn’t enough. Bridge builds long-term employee engagement by showing individuals how they’ve impacted the business, identifying their strengths and potential, and helping them develop skills for the careers they want.

Goal alignment

Bridge Improves Employee-Manager Conversations

Most employees leave their companies for manager-based reasons. Bridge helps managers make their 1:1s and employee feedback more frequent, consistent, effective, and personal. Better managers mean happier, more productive employees.

1 on 1 frequency

Bridge Is the HR for HR

If you can’t see what is and isn’t working, you can’t scale or change it. With Bridge employee engagement data, HR can see clear pictures of manager-employee relationships, employees’ interaction with learning materials, and the effects of employee engagement on the business.

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