Preparing for higher ed assessment and accreditation can be a chaotic and confusing process. Program Assessment helps simplify, streamline, and standardize that process for higher education institutions.

Cruise through assessments.

Program Assessment provides program- and institution-level assessment in a centralized platform, as well as a scalable strategy framework that both faculty and administrators can easily act on.

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Portfolium has helped eliminate roughly 60 hours of assessment preparation work in addition to having streamlined the reporting processes for gen ed learning outcomes and program learning outcomes, allowing for meaningful program assessment.

— Tracy Dinesen

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa

Program Assessment lets you:

Gather Assessment Data & Insights

Find out how current learning outcomes are happening at the course, program, and institutional level.

Establish Rubrics

These can help you standardize assessment across differing courses and programs.

Simplify Accreditation

Import artifacts directly from your LMS, Portfolium course assignments, and local files. And store, review, and score in one application.

Generate Reports

 After you've gathered artifacts, made collections, and completed analysis, create insightful, accreditation-ready PDF reports with just one click

Unite Institutional Success and Student Success

Help students directly benefit from the assessment process by allowing them to store their work, projects, and artifacts in an e-portfolio—for life.


Simplify assessment. Ease accreditation.

Preparing for accreditation can be a long and tedious process involving gathering artifacts, conducting reviews, and preparing reports. Program Assessment lets you import artifacts directly from your LMS, Portfolium course assignments, and local files. Store, review, and score in one application. Anonymize student work and build custom reviewing rules to help ensure data integrity and unbiased assessment. And generate insightful, accreditation-ready PDF reports with just one click.
Import artifacts directly from your LMS.
Easily store, review, and score in one place.

Generate reports with just one click.

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Track and measure outcomes at every level.

Program Assessment makes assessment simple and user-friendly for all deans and faculty. It lets you scale a simple, centralized assessment platform across all departments and colleges. Allow those departments and colleges to independently conduct assessment, generate reports, understand findings, and make changes accordingly. Plus create and implement rubrics for courses across the institution.

Simple, user-friendly assessment for deans and faculty

Flexibility for all departments and colleges

Lets you create and implement rubrics across the institution

Support better student learning outcomes with:

Quick, Easy Downloadable Reports

Download high-fidelity, visual PDF reports at the course, program, and institutional level.

One-Click Artifact Imports From Canvas

Quickly and easily import artifacts from Canvas into any Program Assessment.

Custom Collections of Artifacts

As artifacts are imported into Portfolium, create custom collections to be assessed.

Assessment at Every Level

Course, program, and institution—whether you want to understand how you’re achieving outcomes at a granular level or or get the big picture, it’s all possible with Program Assessment.

Asynchronous Program Assessment

Conduct program and institutional assessment on your own timeline, with flexibility and features to meet your specific needs.

The Data You Want, and the Data You Need

With Pathways, generate learning outcome reports, rubric reports, collection reports, and program assessment reports—all for a single assessment.

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