Evidence-Based Decisions.
Better Outcomes.

LearnPlatform by Instructure enables K-12 education institutions to improve teaching and learning outcomes with unique, evidence-based insights to make better operational, financial, product, and instructional decisions that build safe, equitable, and effective edtech ecosystems.


Insights you need to make edtech work for you

The right edtech can have a huge impact on teaching and learning. Drive informed decisions and make sure your educators, students, and communities know what's available, safe, and working in your unique context.

A professor standing next to a student using a laptop

LearnPlatform gives us a single place for staff to view product evaluations, compare and request edtech products, and for staff and parents to know what edtech products are approved for use and compliant with current privacy standards.

Allie Hahn

Director of Operations, Lombard S.D. 44

A single source of truth to optimize your edtech

Unprecedented edtech visibility

Discover the depth and breadth of teachers' and students' edtech use, bring unapproved or unmanaged tools to light, and uncover savings and value from redundant tools and underutilized licenses

All your tools in one place

Make it easy for teachers to find approved edtech that meets their needs, gather teacher feedback on how priority tools are working in their classrooms, and communicate approved tools with families

Centralized requests and vetting

Save time for staff and mitigate data privacy risks by consolidating edtech request, vetting, and approval processes in a single system customized for your processes and compliance requirements

Efficient provider communication

Keep track of provider applications based on product requests directly in the platform, maintain a centralized, date-stamped repository of edtech applications, and assign reviewers for input and approval

Make decisions to maximize ROI

Uncover edtech tools making the most (or least) impact, focus professional development, identify teacher-leaders and edtech champions, advance digital equity goals, and generate data needed to meet ESSA evidence requirements.


Transparent, Efficient Edtech Processes for All

Take the mystery out of what's approved for your teachers, make it easy for them to request new tools, and keep them informed through every step of the evaluation process. Plus, customization, thoughtful automation, and built-in tools to gather teacher feedback engage and ease the burden on all stakeholders.

Centralized district edtech library

Customize evaluation for your district

Ensure teachers' voices are heard

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A student opening a book in the library


Edtech Efficacy Starts with Evidence

Make edtech evaluation a standard practice on your priority investments. Unique rapid-cycle evaluation technology provides insight into which tools are moving the needle with usage, cost, and outcomes analyses. Identify gaps in license use or professional development, uncover demographic-based outcomes trends, and pinpoint effective methods to share.

Inform edtech budget decisions

Improve implementations

Advance digital equity goals


The IMPACT data empowers us to ask more questions and dig deeper into how we can make improvements as well as identify savings, so we can maximize the funding we have for digital resources to support student learning.

Michael Arensdorff

Sr. Technology Director, Oak Park Elem S.D. 97


More to love about LearnPlatform

Discover edtech access trends

Take the guesswork out of mapping your edtech ecosystem. The easy-to-install browser and app extensions provide high-level usage data for insight into which tools your educators and students access and how often.

Gather teacher feedback

Make it easy for your teachers to provide structured edtech feedback that's relevant to your district initiatives and decision-making with customizable rubrics.

Ensure privacy compliance

Incorporate privacy compliance in custom workflows, easily access trusted third-party data privacy information and support state-specific requirements for public listing of approved tools with data privacy details.

Communicate directly with providers

Leverage custom forms for provider applications, send and receive applications directly in the platform, and utilize two-way commenting for simplified, expedited procurement.

Inform families about edtech

Make sure community stakeholders have visibility to available edtech. Maintain compliance with state requirements and communicate the most critical information for families with shareable Public Product Libraries.

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