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Built on openness in every way, the Instructure Learning Platform was made to keep K–12 teachers, students, and parents engaged, connected, learning, and thriving through anything.

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Actionable insights are essential.

Who’s learning what? How can you better support your schools and teachers?  Our platform gives you school- and district-level insights into student engagement, academic performance, and a whole lot more so you can use it to enact learning initiatives and improve outcomes. Not to mention supporting professional development that leads to even better student learning.

We have you covered.

Supporting schools and districts in making learning personal. For every teacher and student. Every single day.

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All the digital tools you need for every step of teaching and learning.

The Instructure Learning Platform is a collection of teaching-and-learning solutions that support you in driving success for both teachers and students. Whether you're tackling an equitable access initiative, supporting blended or online learning, or improving assessment practice, Instructure will help you reach your goals. And, because we play nice with others, we connect with your existing tools.

Provide consistency and powerful teaching experiences with Canvas LMS

Drive standards-based teaching and learning with MasteryConnect AMS and Assessment Content

Get the data and analytics you need with Videri

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school administrator

As we move forward in our preparation for the school year, we are using Canvas to deliver personalized professional development at scale for all of our teachers. Although each teacher may be in a different place with their Canvas usage and knowledge, they should all have access to the same resources and materials needed for growth.

Keith Konyk

Assistant Superintendent at Elizabeth Forward School District


Support professional development.

Quality teaching is the #1 in-school factor in student achievement. Fortunately, our platform allows states and districts to scale guaranteed professional development curriculum that promotes collective educator efficacy, better equipping teachers to accelerate student achievement.

Deliver high-quality PD and analytics

Get consulting on the best plan for your needs

Organize PD efforts across the district or state

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