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      Working Together To Understand Your Needs During Omicron

      Welcome to the New Year…I hope it is a happy one for you!

      As 2022 begins in earnest, K12 and higher education organizations are facing COVID challenges yet again. A large number of our higher education customers have already decided to be fully remote during January and potentially into February. Many of our K12 customers are returning to the in-person classroom waiting to see what happens next and armed with plans to transition to remote very quickly if needed. Rest assured, Instructure wants to support whatever plans you may make. That said, to best help you with resources and scaling from engineering to support…we need your help. We need to know your plans, even as they are changing.

      Since August 2020, we have made a significant investment in terms of automation to handle scaling up quickly when necessary. While scaling this automation is reliable, we still look to you and your partnership with your CSM to notify us of any large-scale changes to your usage to ensure we are resourcing appropriately ahead of the event. Feel free to overshare. Don’t be shy. Your CSM will promptly share this with our incredibly talented operations team to scale our systems as needed. This includes anything that may not be predictable through your normal use of Instructure technologies. Think big and small, from large-scale remote transitions to what may feel like smaller-scale changes like conducting all exams online or drastically increasing your video uploads through Studio. 

      The best world for everyone is one where we can combine automation with human insights and continue to provide you with the scalability, reliability, and performance you love about Instructure technologies.

      For those of you considering a return to online learning, here are a couple of resources in case they’re helpful:

      So, if you haven’t yet, please let us know what is happening in your world. We wish you a very safe and happy 2022!

      Keep Learning,