Flexible & Consistent. Online Learning in Higher Ed.

Even in the classroom, a consistent approach to technology-enhanced learning makes instructors and students more effective, engaged, and efficient. It also enables a richer and more personalized blended learning experience for all.

Put the "U" in UX

Canvas makes life easier for everyone.

When the world feels uncertain, consistency becomes even more crucial. When everyone at your institution uses the same technology, knows your standards, and has the tools and support they need, everyone spends less time figuring out how to figure things out. And more time engaged in valuable learning.

A consistent, compelling student experience

Enhanced engagement

Online, hybrid, or in-person learning

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Keep the feedback flowing.

Communicate with students the way they want to be communicated with—through a native mobile app. Personalize each message to the individual instead of sending spam emails or text messages they won’t read. And empower them with tools for collaborating amongst themselves.
Stay connected from anywhere.
Maintain quality communication.
Keep in touch with every student.


Remember, engagement is essential.

How do you know if students are learning? Or interacting with what you’ve assigned? Canvas. That’s how. Course-level analytics and reports allow you to keep up with their activity. Even see who’s completing which assignments, as well as what videos they’re watching, for how long, and which parts.

Track student and class performance.

Check out detailed video stats.

All in your own visual dashboards.

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