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We bring school and district leaders together from all over the world to discuss and share insights about how to improve communication, consistency, culture, and collective teacher efficacy.

Take your pedagogy to new heights.

Mastery Connect Leadership Series

With the right strategy in place, your school or district assessment program can become a continuous feedback loop of positive results. Attend a Mastery Connect Leadership Series offering to:

Start using data to drive instruction.

Personalize learning with targeted interventions.

Create an actionable Mastery Connect implementation plan.

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Canvas Leadership Series

Fast-track your Canvas adoption to help everyone start using it quickly and successfully. The more confidence people have, the more they'll use it, and the more they use it, the greater the impact on teaching and learning.

Dive into Canvas from a student, teacher, and administrator perspective.

Learn tried-and-true methods to accelerate teacher buy-in.

Evaluate school culture to prepare for a meaningful implementation.

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Ready for Canvas?
Canvas is ready for you.