Instructure’s Center for Leadership and Learning

Mastery Connect Leadership Institute Park City, Utah

June 12-13, 2024

The single most important element of a quality implementation is the engagement and support of the leaders who will be working with teachers throughout the process.

The Mastery Leadership Series is an interactive professional development experience that provides K-12 leaders and instructional coaches with the best practices and strategies for supporting a meaningful data-driven student learning experience.

With the Mastery Leadership Series, your leadership team will have the knowledge and skills required to lead confidently and competently.

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Join us in Park City, UT on June 12-13 to:

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Supercharge your assessment strategy.

Start using data to drive instruction.

Personalize learning with targeted interventions.

Create an actionable implementation plan.



June 12-13, 2024



Black Rock Mountain Resort
909 West Peace Tree Trail
Heber City, Utah 84032


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Tuesday, June 11th | Guests arrive at Black Rock Mountain Resort

Wednesday, June 12th 

8:00 AM | Registration and Breakfast
9:00 AM | Day 1 Begins 
12:00-1:00 PM | Lunch provided at Resort / Meeting Space
3:30 PM | Day 1 wrap up 
6:00 PM | Dinner offsite 

Friday, June 13th 

8:00 AM | Breakfast provided at Resort / Meeting Space
8:30 AM | Day 2 Begins
12:00 PM | Grab and go boxed lunch
Attendees travel back home 


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Day 1 Topics

Mastery Connect and the Its Mode

  • Dive deep to understand how the basic functionalities of Mastery Connect support administrators, teachers, and students. This hands-on orientation introduces participants to the ITS Model which is the foundation for every teacher’s use of Mastery Connect.

The 48-Hour Challenge

  • Implementing any new program can be daunting. Asking teachers to take on “one more thing” can be uncomfortable, especially if an administrator can’t articulate why it is important and demonstrate how to get started. The Mastery Connect 48-Hour Challenge is guaranteed to kick off any school’s implementation with fidelity.

Data, Culture and the Guarantee 3    

  • Creating and maintaining a strong and trusting data culture that supports the implementation and long term use of Mastery Connect is important. Once teachers have completed the 48-hour challenge, the Guarantee 3 provides administrators with the strategies needed to ensure long term, proper use of data and enable a collaborative assessment and data culture.

Day 2 Topics

Planning for Success

  • Take all of your Day 1 Learning and put it into practice. Leave with a solid plan for implementation success.