What is Dear Panda Pros?

Think of Dear Panda Pros as a live advice column for Instructure products!  These weekly offerings will be 60-minute webinar-style sessions where the hosting Panda Pro will present 2-4 common challenges from educators and provide expert advice and solutions during the live webinar.

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Why are we offering Dear Panda Pros?

  • Customers can attend a weekly session, even if all open 1:1 slots are booked.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to learn together in a fun and engaging setting.
  • It's another fun way to enhance Panda Pros offerings!

What types of questions can I expect to hear on Dear Panda Pros sessions?

Each week will cover common questions about different topics, posed as questions asking for advice. Here are examples of the style of questions you might hear:

Dear Panda Pros, I love to differentiate learning for my students, but I don’t know how to make that happen in my Canvas course. Signed, Perplexed about Personalization

Dear Panda Pros, I just got Canvas, and my home page is blank! What should I put on it to help students get to their learning more quickly and easily? Signed, Panicked about Pages


After each question, the presenting Panda Pro will provide coaching tips to the webinar audience.


Can I submit a question for Dear Panda Pros?

At this time, we are not gathering questions for Dear Panda Pros. We are using common questions from last year’s Panda Pro customers.

However, we may explore other methods to source questions in the future.

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Session Schedule 




Dear Panda Pro Topic

Week 1 Stella Hernandez 8/5/23 3 PM MT Mastery Connect
Week 2 Lyndsey Martin 8/8/23 3 PM MT Canvas LMS: Assignments
Week 3 Nicole Hiers 8/14/23 2 PM MT Canvas LMS: Canvas for Elementary
Week 4 Da'Shira Jackson 8/23/23 3 PM MT Canvas LMS: Gradebook & Speedgrader
Week 5 Gini Broadway 9/2/23 10 AM MT Mastery Connect
Week 6 Jenna Ashley 9/12/23 2 PM MT Canvas LMS: New Quizzes
Week 7 Mark Sluzky 9/15/23 3 PM MT Canvas LMS: Calendar
Week 8 Don Lourcey 9/19/23 1 PM MT Canvas LMS: Course Communication & Calendering
Week 9 Kim Duhé 9/27/23 3 PM MT Canvas LMS: Outcomes & Rubrics

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