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Bringing CBE Visions to Life

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Competency-Based Education (CBE) has been in a state of evolution for many years. Canvas LMS, the popular open learning platform, is becoming the engine for a growing number of new, online CBE programs. It offers strong support for engaging and authentic outcomes-based education, and is widely adopted by faculty, students, and staff for blended and online programs. 

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How Instructure is leading the charge with CBE and what this means for students and institutions alike.

Please join us as we walk through the process by which Instructure has deployed Canvas Credentials at scale within a CBE environment, and custom built a tool to assist with the adoption of the CBE vision and support of a massive workforce initiative in California. We will explore the promise of what this combination offers students entering the workforce as they leave their collegiate journey.

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What will be covered?

Here’s what we expect to cover during the webinar:


How Canvas fosters CBE

Why Credentials are imperative to CBE

Customizing a vision at scale (with guests from Chaffey College)