2021 Research & Trends

What’s Next for Teaching & Learning?

How has the pandemic impacted K-12 education, and what is the state of teaching and learning in 2021? To gain a better understanding of the educational landscape, we launched a benchmark study. Working with Hanover Research, we surveyed educators and parents in the United States to identify: 

  • Metrics for student success and factors that impact student engagement.
  • Technology solutions that are being used to support instruction and their impact on student learning.
  • Technology investments districts should capitalize on as teachers and students head back to the classroom.


The general consensus? Despite all the challenges, everyone is more open to new ways to teach and learn.

Download the eBook

the state of teaching and learning in K-12 education ebook

Download the eBook

State of Teaching & Learning in K-12 Education

Our survey revealed six key insights that parents and educators across the country feel are important to teaching and learning. Download the eBook to explore the following trends:

High-quality teaching: The key ingredient to high-quality learning.

It’s time for a fundamental shift in assessment.

There’s still work to do to achieve equity in education.

And more!