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The All-In-One Digital Badging For Higher Education

Digital badging can be complex. Canvas Credentials makes it easy. Accelerate your goals with a solution that will validate competencies, drive engagement, improve completion, and increase enrollment.

Digital Credentialing for Higher Education

Increase student enrollment and retention rates while providing a seamless way for learners to record and share their validated skills and achievements with future employers.

Digital Bading for Canvas Credentials Instructure

An equitable future with achievement recognition

Badging made for everyone

Canvas Credentials—the world’s most open and inclusive digital credentialing network. Join us in creating a more equitable world through verified achievements and skills.

The great equalizer

Until recently, when it came to getting a job, there were two camps: those with degrees & those without. Now there’s badging—benefiting students, higher ed institutions, and job recruiters.

Easy and custom

Seamlessly issue data-rich, shareable, and verifiable badges with Canvas Credentials, the only open digital credentialing solution with visual and stackable learning pathways.

Curate, showcase, and achieve

Able to integrate credentials from other platforms, learners curate and showcase skills and achievements while employers and educators verify and leverage skills data to meet education and workforce goals.

Powerful and secure? Yes!

Used by thousands of organizations across the globe to issue digital badges and stackable micro-credentials, our secure platform connects learners to new education and employment pathways.

What’s in it for you?

Increase enrollment and completion rates

Attract and serve a larger number of diverse students by offering digital credentials to lifelong learners. Both students and employers benefit when learning can flex around life and when the results from the time invested can be verified and shared. Digital credentialing leads to both.

Create skills-based credential systems

Recognize and reward learners with badges

Visualize, analyze, and expand the community

Digital Bading for Canvas Credentials Instructure
Digital Bading for Canvas Credentials Instructure

Why digital badges?

To foster engagement & tell the full story

Progress in education doesn’t magically materialize at the end of a degree program. Badging allows you to recognize, validate, track, and share learning achievements from day one. Empower learners to tell their full story by giving them access to it.

By prompting, suggesting structure, and providing opportunities for students to collect and connect their experiences, we have a better chance of supporting their success.

Mike Simmons

UNT Asst. VP for Academic Affairs

Translating achievements

Validate skills: Showcase workforce readiness

Digital credentials help translate learning outcomes into validated skills that both students and employers can understand. Badges give learners agency over their learning and career path by clearly communicating the employer-valued skills they’ve either already demonstrated or still need to earn.

Digital Bading for Canvas Credentials Instructure

Digital credentials are advancing skills-based education and hiring

Skills alignment

Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring.

Admin & reporting

Manage, track, analyze, and report in real time.

Learner record

Make it easy to envision and share growth.


Create a fully branded end-to-end experience.

Trust and security

Offer confidence through data privacy, security, and ownership.

Explore the Entire Canvas Product Family

Simplify teaching and learning activities, organize coursework and keep teachers, students, and families connected and communicating. Anytime, anywhere.

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