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Teachers: Try Canvas for Free

Want to get your students on the Canvas Learning Management Platform? Awesome. You have two options: 1) Sign up for a free Canvas account you can use with your students to simplify teaching and elevate learning. 2) Request a demo of the full Canvas platform, and we’ll schedule an expert to walk you through the software.

What’s a Free Canvas Account?

This account lets you use the essential functionality of the Canvas learning management platform, even if your institution isn't a Canvas customer. It’s not just free for teachers—it's free for you, your students, their parents, and anyone else who wants to use Canvas learning tools. And it’s free forever. You'll have access to:

  • Course creation and importing
  • Personalized learning with MasteryPaths
  • Fully native mobile apps for you and your students
  • Standards-based gradebooks, a quizzing platform, and more
Sign Up

What’s a Live Demo?

Want to see all the features of a full Canvas account (the kind purchased by districts and institutions to build their next-generation virtual classrooms)? We'll call you and set up a convenient time to have a Canvas expert walk you through the full set of education technology tools. During the live demo you’ll see: 

  • Admin features for managing accounts, sub-accounts, users, roles, and more
  • Advanced integrations with SIS and collaboration tools
  • Calendar scheduler, multiple grading periods, gradebook, and more
Request a Canvas Demo