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      Canvas 101

      With Canvas LMS, you can deliver dynamic, engaging learning experiences to increase student success for every student. Everywhere. Every day. Canvas is a robust digital foundation for all aspects of higher-ed learning today and into the future that is easy to use (for students and teachers alike), accessible, and simple to scale for large campuses.

      Watch our two minute step-by-step video to discover, "Why Canvas." 


      Higher ed students expect a learning experience that reflects the world in which they live—and that world is changing at a breathtaking pace.

      Canvas LMS is built to help institutions not only keep up, but plan, innovate, and scale as education evolves. Let's look at some of its tools.

      Building a Canvas course is as easy as dragging and dropping files. Use Modules to add structure, pull in all kinds of content, and easily guide students through the course flow.

      Both instructors and students can create groups for student collaboration. Start focused or threaded discussions within a specific group or a whole class, and contribute to as many topics as you like.

      Group discussions can be graded assignments, and those assignments can automatically record in the Canvas Gradebook.

      The SpeedGrader tool saves teachers hours of time. Instructors can set their own rubrics, provide in-line audiovisual feedback for a real human touch, and easily tie outcomes to grades.

      And since grades are only part of the picture, Canvas Analytics lets faculty explore student performance data, monitor student progress, and offer help early to get struggling students back on track.

      Now let's zoom out and take a look at the big-picture benefits of Canvas LMS in higher ed. Canvas is the world’s #1 LMS because it's easy to use. And it really gets used. Faculty and students use Canvas more often and for more things than any other LMS. And they do it on the go. From grading to double-checking due dates, to submitting assignments and viewing course content, you can do it all with teacher and student mobile apps.

      Thanks to its open API, Canvas LMS is open to integrations and innovations. Easily plug in all your favorite apps and tools, and even make changes at the code level.

      Canvas LMS is always there when you need it. It offers near-perfect uptime to keep the learning going, and it's backed by world-class security and privacy protocols. And best of all, educators who use Canvas LMS have real, measurable impacts on student success.

      Ready to make learning happen at the speed of change? Learn more at