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A District Leader's Guide to Using Data

Don’t just collect data. Use it! Find out how to turn assessments into insights that can improve teaching and learning in your district.

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Are you a data collector or data user?

As K12 leaders strive to reach every learner, frequent formative assessments will be instrumental in identifying student needs and quickly adapting instruction. This necessary shift away from high-stakes testing comes with an increase in student assessment data, providing leaders with more insight into student progress. But how can leaders move beyond the act of collecting data to the practice of using data to make timely decisions that will positively impact learning? It all starts by pairing the right tools with strong pedagogical practices.

Download From Collection to Impact: A District Leader's Guide to Using Data to learn more about key considerations for K12 leaders striving to streamline data-driven instruction.

Use this guide to:  

  • Grasp the four necessary mindset shifts for becoming a data user.
  • Gain valuable insights on creating a positive data culture.
  • See how an assessment management system can make data more accessible in your school or district.

Learn how you can start using data to make timely decisions that will drive the learning process forward.