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A Roadmap to Student Success

This e-book shows the importance of giving higher ed students the tools to showcase their skills and competencies in a digital portfolio.

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Aligning Student and Institutional Success

The road to student success begins when students can showcase the skills they acquired throughout their higher education journey and connect their abilities to relevant job opportunities. As institutions strive to support students in taking this important next step, educators must also have a way to demonstrate the value of their programs. 

But how can a one-page resume capture all of the achievements and abilities obtained in one’s college career?

Digital folios like Portfolium allow students to showcase what they know in an intuitive, visual way so they can connect with the right employers and opportunities, and track their growth over time.   

Download the eBook to see how Portfolium contributes to student success by:

  • Tracking and measuring learning progress 
  • Providing certified evidence of skills
  • Connecting students with relevant job opportunities